Our Recipes

Baked Red Snapper Creole

I can't imagine anything more elegant, beautiful, delicious and celebratory than a whole red snapper steaming on a platter; especially served with a classic Creole sauce.

salmon en papillote with lobster sauce

Salmon en Papillote with Lobster Love Sauce

Make your valentine something really special! Or let Monahan's do all the work! Pre-order yours for Valentine's Day.

clam chowder

Bernie’s New England Clam Chowder

Yields approximately 1 gallon 1/4 lb butter 2 lbs onion diced ½” 1/2 bunch celery diced ½” 1 t oregano 1/4 t thyme...

Salt Cod (Bacalao) with Red Peppers, Garlic and Kalamata Olives

This salt cod recipe is great served on its own as an appetizer.


The flavorful, garlicky, tomato-based, saffron-infused seafood stew from Marseille...

The PERFECT Shrimp Cocktail

It's easy to overcook shrimp...the secret is to take them off the stove and shock them in ice (along with a few other tips from Shrimp-Master, Bernie!)

Mike Monahan’s Stuffed Clams

This is an easy, favorite appetizer anytime of year!

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey and Seafood Udon Soup

A simple, after the feast, one pot dish. How about a hot comforting udon noodle soup with big chunks of turkey, clams and shrimp?