SHOCKING New Species Discovery at Monahan’s: Seeing-Eye Oyster from Wellfleet!

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Shucking oysters on this early April Friday morning I popped the top shell off a nice plump Wellfleet and I experienced a sight so frightening that my knees buckled!

Looking down on one of thousands of oysters I’ve shucked in my life, NEVER has one looked back up at me!

The first thing I did was to show this freak of nature to the staff. Some laughed thinking it was a joke, some were puzzled or even scared, but all agreed that it was one of the plumpest, most succulent and beautiful oysters we’d ever seen.

Do I call the news media?…a U of M marine biologist? or do I just squeeze a little lemon on it and experience something that no one has ever experienced before? I decided on the latter, so I dressed it up on a plate of ice, called my wife, a photographer and told her to get down to the market —FAST! She arrived, captured the image, and as I picked the oyster up to savor it’s essence I took one last look at this amazing creature.

We looked eye to eye—and in a slow and almost sensuous way—the oyster winked at me!

On the verge of passing out, I just couldn’t do it. She remains, at least for the rest of this April Fool’s Day, on display at Monahan’s Seafood.

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