Who could imagine that Ann Arbor, Michigan would be the perfect location for a world-class fish market? Well, I’m happy to say that doing business in the home of the University of Michigan is amazing! Our customers hail from all over the world, including lots of transplanted folks from the East and West coasts, as well as people who know their local fresh water fish. We can import just about any fish or shellfish that you can imagine because there’s a market for it right here.

We aren’t restricted to the regional biases of coastal towns. Not that Boston, Seattle, or Miami don’t have a great selection of fish, it’s just that we can offer the finest from all over the country.

Wonderfully fresh New England cod and flounder, along with Florida red snapper, Maryland soft shell crabs, wild Alaskan king salmon, wild American gulf shrimp, Hawaiian sushi grade tuna, shad and shad roe, not to mention our bounty of fresh Great Lakes fish: Lake Superior whitefish, lake perch, smelt, lake trout, walleye, and much more! Smoked fish, lots of pickled herring, bacalao, homemade pâtés, bouillabaisse base, marinades, sauces, rubs, stocks, seafood salads, you name it! If we don’t carry it, we’ll find a suitable substitute.

We’re the only market in these parts that bring in the majority of our fish in whole then cut to your specifications, ensuring the freshest, wholesome, the most delicious and moist fillets around.

We are exceedingly fortunate to have such a diverse and well-traveled clientele who love to cook, love to eat and who challenge us to find the very best so that we constantly learn from the exchange.

Come in, buy a beautiful piece of fish for dinner (with a great recipe!), or sit down and have the freshest lunch imaginable, including a cup of Bernie’s rightfully famous chowder!

We’re happy to answer any questions!

How do we know our fish is fresh?

Mike Monahan of Monahan’s Seafood in Ann Arbor has been in the fish business for over 40 years. Here, he points out a few telling signs about how to know if a fish is fresh.

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Not sure what to do with your fish? Know what you like but don’t know the name?

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