Our Recipes

The PERFECT Shrimp Cocktail

It's easy to overcook shrimp...the secret is to take them off the stove and shock them in ice (along with a few other tips from Shrimp-Master, Bernie!)

Seared Sea Scallops with Lime, Spinach & Walnuts

This has been one of our favorite recipe cards over the years…serves 4–6

Monahan’s Fried Oyster Po’Boy

We serve these every Saturday at the Market, but here's the recipe in case you feel like making them at home. Serves 4.

Patty Monahan’s Scalloped Oysters

Crunchy, creamy, rich and loaded with sweet plump oysters, I look forward to my mom's scalloped oysters all year long.

Sautéed Nantucket Bay Scallops

SImple preparation is best for Nantucket Bay scallops, what many say are the finest scallops in the world!

Saffron-Rice Seafood Chowder

This might be a great recipe to have for your superbowl party Yield, 1 gallon.


Shrimp and Black Bean Soup

Be sure to use wild gulf shrimp for that snappy firm texture and great flavor.

Monahan’s Roasted Bluefish with Tomato + Dill

We bring in whole fresh bluefish and fillet them as needed for the freshest fish available in these parts. Here's an easy, tasty recipe