Our Recipes

skate with caper brown butter

Skate Wing with Caper Brown Butter

The classic French preparation...easy & delicious!


Pan Seared Curried Mackerel

Mackerel is a great fish to cook if you want to use a spicy preparation like curry. This recipe serves 2.

Pan Seared Halibut With Caper Dill Butter Sauce & Baby Asparagus

The pan searing method in today’s recipe, sears in the tastiness and the moisture.

salmon en papillote with lobster sauce

Salmon en Papillote with Lobster Love Sauce

Make your valentine something really special! Or let Monahan's do all the work! Pre-order yours for Valentine's Day.

Panko Crusted Hake with Tomato, Parmesan + Basil

Simplicity at its best. A nice fresh fillet of hake, basil from the garden, one of the world’s best cheeses and a slice of Michigan’s finest.

Monahan’s Crab Dip

Bernie is preparing some oven ready to go this weekend or you can make your own, it's super easy to make!

Nobu Matsuhisa’s Black Cod with Miso

Call us at 734-662-5118 to ask whether we have any prepared (it's something we try to have available most weekends, so we can do the marinating for you!)

Bernie’s Jambalaya

Don't let the list of ingredients intimidate you! It's fairly easy to make and well worth it!