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So Hap Xa – Mussels Steamed in Lemongrass

Another delicious recipe from Vietnam

Vietnamese Style Shrimp Fritters with Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce

The sweet decadence of shrimp in a fried, fluffy fritter dipped into a sauce that has a salty, sour, sweet, not bitter, and what was that indescribably delicious 5th taste, oh yes! - UMAMI!

Thai Mahi Mahi in Lettuce Wraps

Enjoy! And here’s to your health!

tuna niçoise salad

The Ultimate Salad Niçoise

A true meal in itself. You can cook the potatoes, eggs and green beans in the same pot to cut down on cooking time and dishes. The following recipe is the classic style of southern France, but topped with seared, fresh, sashimi-grade tuna. Serves 4.

Wild Striped Bass Braised with Fennel

There's not much that you can't do with stripers. We've baked, steamed, fried, stuffed, grilled, used in chowders and bouillabaisse, made ceviche and sashimi—all with great results. Flavor-wise, the best striped bass at market (in my opinion) are wild caught.

Guinness & Garlic Mussels

This recipe originates from The Brazen Head in Dublin, Ireland. Serves 4.


We use sashimi grade, farm raised north Atlantic salmon because it has such a fatty, buttery texture. Wild salmon, such as fatty spring king salmon, would also work but good quality farmed works perfectly for this dish.

Hake with Clams

The North Atlantic stocks of Hake are plentiful and sustainable. They fit the profile of a white, delicate, sweet fish that Americans traditionally love.