Our Recipes

Garlicy-Lemony Grilled Bronzini with Rosemary

Bronzini have a bone structure that’s easy to navigate, a buttery texture and a sweet delicate flavor. It’s a perfect fish for a whole fish novice and, like the yellowtail snapper from last week’s report, you slowly enjoy every part from the cheeks and collar on down...

waved whelks- bulots cuits

Bulots Cuits- Cooked Waved Whelks

Serves 3-4 3 lb. waved whelks About 2 qts. water, enough to cover whelks 1 T white wine vinegar Splash...

Monahan’s Crab Dip

Bernie is preparing some oven ready to go this weekend or you can make your own, it's super easy to make!

Steamed Whole Walleye or Black Sea Bass (Shanghai Style)

Steaming whole fish is one great, healthful method of cooking that retains all the moisture, flavor and goodness using little or no fat.

Grey Sole Amandine

This recipe is one of the fastest and most delicious preparations we know for sole

Hake en Papillote with Tomatoes & Herbs

This is a quick, easy, and delicious meal! We sell made to order papillotes at the market and would be glad to make this one for you.

Finnan Haddie with Poached Eggs and Smoky Bechamel Sauce

Today's recipe is, to me, the ultimate breakfast. Fish for breakfast? Oh yeah. Plan on it this weekend, you'll be glad you did!

Thai Style Wild Gulf Shrimp Cakes

This site has plenty of Maine shrimp recipes. Here's another favorite, our fluffy, light and delicious Maine shrimp cakes.

Bronzini with Tomatoes & Herbs en Papillote

A super healthy dish using fresh herbs, tomatoes, garlic and pimentos with all the goodness and flavor sealed inside the pouch!

Mike’s Clams Casino

Most recipes include breadcrumbs too but our recipe keeps it simple with smaller amounts of great fresh ingredients. The clam is the star, perfectly complimented by the salty, smoky, spicy, garlicky and cheesy decadence.