Fall Into Thailand- Squash Shrimp Soup Southeast Asian Style

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After a great summer of many fabulous grilled fish and shellfish dinners it’s time to switch gears and get back in the kitchen again. Fall offers up lots of treats. Temperatures are cooling and the boats are bringing in a nice variety from the lakes and seas before the winter weather makes things a bit more challenging.

We’re starting to see the finest, richest New England bluefish of the year and the northeast swordfish stocks are fattening up for their winter migration. Wild Oregon king and Alaskan coho salmon are still running. Our Michigan whitefish, lake trout, walleye and perch have been looking great and Rhode Island day boat porgy, black sea bass, squid and butterfish have been beautiful. We’ve even been seeing some John Dory and tautog this week.

farmer's squashThe produce outside our door, at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, is still very plentiful. The corn and tomatoes are looking good but it’s sure starting to feel like fall and the time for hardy greens and a variety of squashes is here.

I thought that for this week’s recipe it would be nice to try something that would utilize squash (I chose butternut) with some type of shellfish (ended up using shrimp, but scallops or crab would have worked too). This recipe is full of flavors from SE Asia; cilantro, basil, lime, peppers, fish sauce and coconut milk. It would make a fine first course or main course. We served it with a white bean arugula (from the farmers) salad. Fine dining!   Enjoy

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2 Responses to “Fall Into Thailand- Squash Shrimp Soup Southeast Asian Style

  • Jessica
    4 years ago

    I’ve been so looking forward to autumn cooking, and this soup recipe was just what I needed. I ended up being a little extra and using super high-quality shrimp and crab in the recipe (was getting a Lummi delivery anyway, https://lummiislandwild.com/product-category/shellfish/). Absolutely spectacular. This will definitely be a repeat recipe in my house!

  • mm
    Monahan's Seafood
    4 years ago

    Great to hear Jessica! Thanks for letting me know it’s a winner 🙂

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