A Marriage Made in Fish Heaven

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We’ve seen a few fishmonger romances over the years. Working hard, flinging fish in close quarters does bring people together you know. I am happy to announce that two of everybody’s favorite people, Vasili (Billy) Kutsomarkos and Amy Larwa are getting hitched!


Amy has been at the market since 2005, although really since she was a kid because her dad used to bring her in and she’d play with the fish (and she still loves playing with them)! Vasili joined us in 2009. He came from a restaurant family background. He loves sport fishing and good food, a perfect fit for our market. A lot of you regulars out there have gotten to know and love Amy and Vasili over the years but may not have known that they had become a little closer than just co-workers.

We all got together last Sunday to celebrate their engagement with a cookout. The theme was based on Vasili’s Greek heritage and Amy’s Polish background. We served grilled kielbasa and pierogi (from Srodek’s in Hamtramck), salted and grilled sardines with crusty bread, feta and watermelon salad with fresh mint and lime dressing and bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp (just ‘cause they’re so darned good)!

grilled bacon wrapped shrimp

Here’s to Amy and Vasili! We all wish you many, many years of happiness.

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