A Peach of a Scallop Dish

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Cruising the Ann Arbor farmers market this week, I came upon some small but perfectly ripe peaches and I have to say those were maybe the best and sweetest peaches I’ve ever tasted.

I was preparing a grilled snapper a couple years back and the recipe called for the fish to be served with mango salsa. I couldn’t find a ripe mango for the life of me, but the peaches were in season and they do have similarities in texture and flavor. The substitution worked out better than expected and we’ve made lots of peach salsas ever since. The salsa was fantastic with the snapper!

Last night we thought we’d try the dish with sea scallops. Slightly spicy with a touch of our Cajun seasoning, the scallops were perfect over the juicy, sweet peach salsa. We pan seared the scallops but they would also be great grilled. Seared sea scallops with peach salsa

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