An Evening at the Farmers Market- Grilling for Ozone House

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grilling lake trout
Last Friday night was the annual Ozone House fundraiser, “An Evening at the Farmers Market”. The Ozone House is an important local organization that’s been helping young kids, who are either runaways, homeless or at high risk, in our area since 1969.

For several years now we’ve been grilling fish for this event (along with other food folks in town) and it’s been great to be part of this important fundraiser.

Each year we prepare something that’s seasonal or local. We’ve served bluefish, because fall is bluefish time, last year was Lake Superior whitefish and this year the Lake Huron lake trout has been looking great so we decided to grill some nice fillets served with a tarragon aioli.

We simply grilled the fish, basted with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. The tarragon aioli added a creamy rich compliment to the flavorful lake trout. If you don’t feel like cooking out, this recipe would also work well with broiled or pan seared lake trout. The aioli is also great with grilled vegetables (I like it with asparagus) or over grilled steak or lamb.

Grilled Lake Trout with Tarragon Aioli


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  • Mike & crew, thanks again for another wonderful dish that compliments both the time of year and the local flavor of the event. All of us at Ozone House appreciate what you give of yourself to help raise funds for our county’s homeless and at-risk young people!

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