Bernie’s Maine Lobster Salad For Lobster Rolls

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This is a great recipe to make to your own taste…we’ve included ingredients, but you can customize it to your liking. We sell lobster meat by the pound if you don’t want to cook one. To make things super easy, stop by the store to pick some up, we always have the salad for sale in the case.

Lobster meat (cooked)
minced onion (or scallion)
finely chopped celery
fresh lemon juice
Tabasco sauce

Put lobster meat into a bowl, add just a wee bit of minced onion, a bit more of the finely chopped celery. Add the amount of mayo you like and a little lemon juice until the the mixture has a consistency you like. Add a dash of Tabasco.

Serve on a toasted, buttered hot dog bun with some nice lettuce. Nothing could be finer!

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