Black Bean Stir-Fried Squid

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Serves 2

All ingredients available at Monahan’s

3/4 – 1 lb. of cleaned squid, bodies and tentacles- use domestic, Rhode Island or Monterey, score and cut into triangles (follow directions on this video – be careful to lightly score so you don’t cut all the way through)

1/2 cup black bean sauce

1/2 cup sweet chili sauce

2 t sriracha sauce

1/2 T rice vinegar

1 large or 2 small cloves garlic- fine chop

1 bu scallions – thin sliced, use some of the green part

1/2 bu cilantro- fine chop

Optional – 1 bu bok choy (blanched) or1 cup broccoli (blanched)

Peanut oil or vegetable or olive oil, for frying

Steam your rice and have it ready to serve

Stir the black bean sauce, sweet chili sauce, rice vinegar and sriracha sauce in a bowl and set aside

Heat wok or heavy pan or skillet over high heat then add about 1/3 cup oil

When oil is sizzling hot, add scallions and stir fry for about 1 min.

Add garlic for about 5 seconds and then add the tentacles (they take a little longer to cook than the bodies) and stir-fry for 10 or 15 seconds before adding the squid bodies

Constantly stir-fry until squid triangles curl up, (about 1 to 2 min.)

Add sauce, and blanched veggies if desired, and keep stir-frying until sauce is bubbling

I use a slotted spoon to serve, to control the amount of sauce, and spoon

over or next to rice and top with chopped cilantro. Save a little sauce for your rice.

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