Cheeks, Heads, Collars and Bellies- The Hidden Treasures at the Fish Market

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We bring in a lot of whole fish at our market. All the so called “waste” from the filleting and skinning we do all day leave us hungry mongers with some of the tastiest treats ever. The heads, collars, belly trim, roe and skin on some fish can make for some mighty good eating. All the good stuff that most of the rest of the world has always eaten.


The best flavor- it’s in the head. Heads and collars from larger fish like grouper, snapper and king salmon can sometimes be big enough to serve the whole family. The meat around the head and collar is always fattier and has a finer, firm flake compared to the rest of the fish. One of our all time favorite by products is Hamachi collars (Hamachi Kama). Hamachi is Japanese yellowtail jack and is some of the richest sashimi fish at any sushi bar. Even richer than the slices of Hamachi are the collars. The bad news is that there are only two collar pieces on each fish. The sushi chef will often offer these gems to only his favorite customers.

Good news! Our dear customers at Monahan’s can now enjoy as many Hamachi collars as they want. We are now bringing them in by the case from Japan. Salt them then grill or broil, serve with a simple ponzu dipping sauce and prepare to dig for treasure in every nook and cranny of the Hamachi Kama!

Recipe: Broiled Hamachi Kama

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4 Responses to “Cheeks, Heads, Collars and Bellies- The Hidden Treasures at the Fish Market

  • Do you have cases of hamachi collars for sale?

    • mm
      Monahan's Seafood
      5 years ago

      Hi Justin,
      We buy the collars frozen by the case. We could order a case for you if you’d like. Give Mike a call at the market- 734-662-5118

  • Jonthai
    4 years ago

    Wanted to know how much is the collar hamachi case cost with shipping to Florida..

  • mm
    Monahan's Seafood
    4 years ago

    The shipping will be expensive. If you give us your zip code we can check on freight if you’d like. Or, you could look for a Japanese/Asian store in your area to see if they can get them. We buy them frozen from Japan.

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