Cool as a Cucumber – Chilled Cucumber Crab Soup

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Whew it’s hot out there! A record 101º here in Ann Arbor today, brutal. A lot of people lose their appetites and just don’t feel like cooking. Normally on days like these, I’d fire up the grill and cook outside, but tonight forget about it! Ahh, I know the perfect meal for a steamy night!

Last Saturday we dined at Mani Osteria and one of the dishes we loved was a cold cucumber crab soup. Creamy, rich, refreshing with a hint of fresh mint and big chunks of lump crabmeat. My goodness that hit the spot. Mani opened only one year ago and they have taken Ann Arbor by storm. People flooded in from the start and they haven’t stopped. Owner Adam Baru, chef Brendan McCall and a great crew have put together an interesting and fun menu built around Italian style small dishes and fantastic pizzas, all prepared in their wood fired ovens.

They don’t scrimp on quality or attention to every detail. We have come to expect lots of flavor and something new on the menu with each visit. The cucumber soup was no exception. This could just be the best cold soup I’ve ever tasted (next to our own shrimp gazpacho that is!)

Chef Brendan was happy to share this recipe with us. We broke it down from a large batch recipe, but I think these proportions should be pretty close.

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