Delicious Decadence- Lobster Corn Chowder

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Happy Friday everybody! Well, we’ve had a great summer and a gorgeous fall. Today it’s cold, raining and soon we’ll have our first frost. Tonight for dinner we need to warm up with a recipe that my wife has been making since the early 80s, lobster corn chowder! You could argue that this is not true chowder because it lacks potatoes and some kind of salt pork, but the beauty is the result that’s achieved with fewer ingredients.

This “chowder” is delicious with our frozen Canadian lobster meat but even better when we can offer fresh. Lobster lovers, I’ve got good news for ya, today we’re expecting fresh steamed lobster meat direct from Maine! We offered this recipe on an old handout some 30 years ago and people still tell me that’s it’s one of their family favorites!

If you’re not in the mood for chowder, try making some killer lobster rolls! Or just squeeze a little lemon juice over some and serve with drawn butter or cocktail sauce- scrumptious!


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