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Bad Shrimp

Deck the Halls: Ye Olde Shrimp Ring

We’ve all been there—a holiday party with all the fixings artfully displayed…prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, smoked salmon over toast points, deviled eggs, charcuterie, paté, fancy cheeses…and the ever-present shrimp ring looking so fine with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce in the center.

The shrimp look great so you dip one into the sauce and take a bite. But, wait a minute…all you can taste is the sauce! Upon further inspection, the shrimp look kind of transparent and they’re also kind of soggy and puny!

Well that’s too bad that your host didn’t spring for the good stuff!

That shrimp was most likely farmed and imported from Asia, maybe Central America—pre-cooked then frozen. Sadly, the majority of shrimp sold in the U.S. is imported. This is unfortunate not only because of the problems of habitat (mangrove) destruction and the use of chemicals and antibiotics in other countries, but also because some of the world’s best shrimp come from right here in the U.S.

shrimp cocktail

You can REALLY taste the difference between wild & farmed shrimp: Wild Gulf shrimp has a firmer, “snappier” texture and much better flavor than farmed imports. The Florida and Texas shrimp that we sell at Monahan’s are fantastic! No pre-cooked frozen shrimp here!

We hand-peel, devein and boil fresh every day. We sell all sizes but our cocktail shrimp are jumbos (10–15 count per lb.). Served with our own cocktail sauce and a squeeze of lemon, they just may be the best shrimp you’ve ever tasted.

Sure, they cost more than farm-raised imports but they’re worth it! Plus, you’re supporting American shrimpers and shrimping communities! We’ve also posted our secret for cooking the PERFECT shrimp cocktail.

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