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Thai food is way up on the list of my favorite foods. Lots of fresh fish and shellfish, fresh herbs like Thai basil, mint and cilantro, tangy fish sauce, lime, lemon grass, lots of fresh veggies and rice, all kicked up with those fiery little Thai chilies.

I’m a lucky guy to know a fine Thai cook who lives in East Lansing, MI.
She happens to be my sister Kathy’s dear friend and her name is Rachel Nimsombun. Rachel came to the US in 1991. She received a MBA in finance from Seattle University in Washington and she’s been here ever since. While in E. Lansing, she’s studied hotel & restaurant food management at Lansing Community College.

It wasn’t long before Rachel started to really miss the fresh from scratch flavors of home. She tells me stories of cooking with her mom back in Bangkok; peeling shrimp, cutting veggies, getting the milk from coconuts and scraping the meat out. Even making curry paste from scratch! Man I would have loved to smell that kitchen!

A true foodie, Rachel now manages the Oriental Mart in East Lansing. She has her own blog called Edible Obsession. Today’s recipe is Rachel’s Thai basil shrimp. This dish is everything a good Thai dish should be: simple, lots of fresh flavors with tangy Thai basil and peppers. The flavors are subtle, a little oyster sauce, garlic, lots of onions and peppers. The taste of the shrimp really shines. Rachel (one of the sweetest people you’d ever meet) was kind enough to share this recipe with us.

Check it out and enjoy!

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