Even More Mackerel?

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I’m kind of proud of the fact that Monahan’s is the king of the flavorful fish in these parts. We’ve made many converts of the people that at one time wouldn’t consider any of the darker fleshed, oilier, fuller flavored fish such as bluefish, sardines or the beautiful, versatile, super healthful and delicious Atlantic Mackerel. These gorgeous little fish have had a bad rep through the years as a common, “fishy” tasting fish that were only eaten by people that couldn’t afford more refined, light fleshed fish like the cods and the soles. For a fish that’s considered a “bait fish” I’ll take the bait any day!

mackerelThis is a fish that has flavor that will stand up to anything that you throw at it; curries, capers, peppers, citrus, all kinds of Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern treatments make the mackerel a lot of fun in the kitchen. We try to prepare a different mackerel dish in our house every week, not just because we love the flavor but because it is one of the healthiest of any food you could eat.

Chock full of all the good stuff; loads of vitamins, minerals, protein, and the miracle omega-3 fatty acids that help to lower cholesterol levels, raise HDL levels, lower LDL levels and help with everything from joint problems, depression, brain and eye function, to mention a few. It seems that new positive effects of omega-3’s pop up all the time. I can tell you from my own experience that after enjoying a nice mackerel meal, I always feel great. Beautiful fresh Boston mackerel in today!

 Here’s another mackerel recipe for ya. Enjoy!

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