Fresh Narragansett Squid are now in season throughout the summer!

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Flashing colors of ultramarine, pearl, ruby red, snow white and sky blue— the squids ranging in size from 1 inch to 70 feet are some of the most beautiful, smartest, most fascinating creatures in the sea. Squid have always been a culinary delight all over the world. 80% of this cephalopod is edible—An amazing yield, even for seafood which pound for pound offer considerably more edible ounces than red meat or poultry and the squid’s lean meat is 80% protein which makes it highly nutritious.  The tentacles — delicate and quite decorative — are a substantial portion of the squid’s edible flesh and should be included whenever possible.  Try it.  they’re a special “frilly” treat you won’t want to miss. It’s sweet and delicious and super-versatile. Even its relatively high cholesterol content is more helpful than harmful. Cooking Tips You may grill, broil, bake, blanch, sauté, stir-fry, deep-fry, braise or eat squid raw.  However you prepare it though, remember:  If overcooked, squid can become chewy.  It should be cooked hot and fast, no longer than 3 minutes.  However, if stewed or cooked in sauce, the muscle will break down and become tender again after 20 minutes. Marinating has a lovely effect on squid’s meat, but should not exceed 30 minutes or the meat will soften and acquire a bitter taste (especially if your marinade contains any lemon or vinegar). Fresh or Frozen Squid is the perfect seafood to freeze.  It freezes so beautifully because it has no blood to decompose and affect flavor.  We carry lovely fresh and frozen squid from small boats out of Rhode Island as well as perfectly lovely frozen Monterey squid, the smaller Pacific cousin.  Fresh is great when it’s available but either way, squid is exceptionally delicious and nutritious. About Cleaning… We’ll always clean your squid for you, but if you want to do it yourself, here’s a little video. Grilled Narragansett Squid with Thai Peanut Sauce

Long-Braise Squid Tomato Sauce for Pasta

Chinese Black Bean Squid

Callemares Rellenos (Stuffed Squid)

Squid in Anchovy Sauce

Monahan’s Squid Salad

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