Give Me Some Skin- On My Squid!

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I can’t help getting excited when fresh and shimmering whole squid graces our ice. All right, we just had a squid report a few weeks ago but when it’s available and looking so fine, we just can’t get enough. We’ve been praising the joys of squid with an almost evangelic fervor for years. This site offers all kinds of recipes.  Stuffed (calamares rellenos), black bean stir fried, squid satay with Thai peanut sauce, sautéed with pimentos and chorizo, squid in tomato sauce over pasta, squid salad and calamari alla piastra (crispy griddle squid) are some of our favorites.

squid in marinade


We received some flawless beauties from Cape Elizabeth, Maine that, since their delicate skin was perfect, cried out to be grilled whole with the skin on. Most squid preparations call for them to be skinned, mainly because the skin will darken and some of it will fall off in most recipes. With a little marinating, an oiled clean grill and a little TLC the skin stayed intact and they cooked up beautifully. Serve them with sharp knives and a squeeze of lemon.

Here’s the recipe for whole grilled squid.

Since we love squid so much, we used Mike’s drawing on our popular tees!

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2 Responses to “Give Me Some Skin- On My Squid!

  • Got beautiful, fresh squid from a fish monger at a farmers market this morning in Summit, NJ.
    We had fresh grilled squid in Croatia a while ago and are hooked. Your preparation for grilling it is spot on.
    I made the garlic-parsley oil without the pepper. Fantastic. I will use this recipe again and again.

    • mm
      Monahan's Seafood
      3 years ago

      Thanks Leah! Glad to hear the recipe is worked out! We love fresh grilled squid.

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