Happy Spring!

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I’m sitting here on the first day of spring, looking out the window, watching the trees blowing, the snow falling and thinking about last year at this time, 70 degrees, sitting outside at Dominick’s enjoying a beer.

I was hoping that it would feel a bit more like spring and we could offer a recipe this week that would be light and spring like. Well, Mr. Winter, I defy you!

I prepared a light, easy, delicious, nutritious squid salad that turned out to be a hit on a cold wintery night. A warm salad with great northern beans and a dressing of jalapeño peppers, capers and sun dried tomatoes. I cut the squid into scored triangles so that they curl up and hold all the tasty, warm vinaigrette.

Our sweet Narragansett squid are perfect for this dish. The beans in this salad take on all the flavors and make the dish into a meal on its own.

All you need is a crusty baguette and it’s dinnertime!

Click here for recipe.

Enjoy and think spring!

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