It’s Shrimp Gazpacho Time!

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Every summer, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, something very special takes place at Monahan’s Seafood. Bernie serves up one of his most famous concoctions. Folks beg for it all winter, but no, they have to wait! There’s only one season that’s really right for this treat. Pure health and a cool, refreshing burst of flavor is what Bernie’s shrimp gazpacho is all about. Loaded with tomatoes, veggies and big chunks of wild gulf shrimp, it’s truly a meal in itself!

shrimp gazpacho sign

Another culinary gift from Spain, gazpacho has Moorish origins from the Andalusia region. There are many types of gazpacho but the most common type is tomato based, especially here in the states. Adding shrimp gives Bernie’s gazpacho an almost ceviche type of flavor and it serves as the main coarse of this liquid salad. People love this recipe. Even those who claim to hate cold soups give it one taste and they’re hooked. Light, healthy summer meals, picnics; this gazpacho is a one pot, portable, square meal!

Alert: Nature’s perfect food, just in time for Memorial weekend, the regal Copper River kings & sockeyes have arrived!

copper river king salmon

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