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Monahan’s and the U of M hospital have been working together for your health for over 25 years. It started back in the 80’s when cardiologist Carl Orringer invited me to speak to a small group of cardiac rehab patients at the University Hospital about the health benefits of eating seafood.

It was an exciting time for us, new research on omega 3 fatty acids were showing great results in raising HDL, high density lippo proteins (good cholesterol), and lowering LDL’s, low density lippo proteins (bad cholesterol). People’s overall cholesterol numbers were improving by eating as little as two meals of fish a week. Since then med sport turned into M-Fit, and what is now called M-Healthy, offering all kinds of health and well-being services. A fantastic resource for Ann Arbor and beyond.

monahan's salmon burger

We’re still involved in M-Healthy cooking classes with a culinary team of nutritionists Lizzie Burt and Cathy Goldberg, teaching people what “fresh” really means, and some surefire delicious recipes. The American Heart Association recommends at least 2 servings of fish per week to help lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, lower blood pressure, and help heart disease. Omega 3’s also help prevent arthritis, promote healthy brain function, and help to prevent abnormal heart rhythm’s. Not to mention the fact that fish is low in fat, high in protein, and lot’s of vitamins and minerals.

During this holiday season remember that between all the seasonal goodies, a fine fish dinner twice a week can really bring joy, health, flavor and lighten things up a bit. We’ve got lots of recipes and made to order papillote dinners to help you out!

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