March 12 marked the opening of Alaskan Halibut & Black Cod Season

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March 12th marked the opening of two of our favorite Alaskan fish, halibut and black cod (sablefish).

Fishing quotas for black cod this season are up, unfortunately quotas for halibut are down 19 percent from last season. Prices may be up a bit from 2010 but like last season we’ll be seeing gorgeous fish until mid November.

Alaska has done a fine job in managing and marketing their fisheries, delivering high quality, only wild-caught fish all over the world (farming fish in Alaska is illegal under the states constitution). Last March (pre-Friday Fish Report) we blogged about the mighty Alaskan halibut but we hadn’t yet started offering a recipe every week along with our article.

Here’s a recipe, a market favorite for halibut, we hope you’ll love.

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