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salmon saladWe’ve been offering up some pretty good summer fare for ya. Cool salads, ceviche, poke, sandwiches, soft crabs, and some nice grilled fish recipes.

For our lunch special the other day, we served a super simple roasted salmon salad. Sometimes trying to come up with lunch specials is a little tough. Often we plan specials ahead of time but usually we’re just inspired by all the fresh fish and available ingredients all around us at the market. Mornings are hectic, fish is being delivered, orders are being filled, there’s a few hours of setting up our displays, chowders and prepared items are made and lunch has to be prepped and ready for service at 11 a.m. Incredibly some days we don’t even know what the special is going to be at 10a.m. Today was one of those days. I looked across the case and a gorgeous, bright, beautiful, Washington troll-caught king salmon was saying EAT ME !

This fish was a bit pricy for a lunch special but I figured a nice 4 oz. serving over mixed greens would make a great summer lunch. A little spicy, a little sweet works well with this rich, flavorful salmon so I sprinkled some of our Cajun seasoning  (a cayenne, paprika and herb rub) and basted it with our Irish whiskey maple glaze. Baked and flaked over mixed greens with a simple light, sweet and spicy vinaigrette and a slice of Zingerman’s paesano toast and voila! The perfect hot July meal.

We baked the salmon but this dish would be great with grilled salmon too. You can cook the fish a day or two ahead of time and have it around for a quick meal or picnic. Leftover salmon, bluefish, mackerel, tuna or any other fattier, flavorful fish would also be great for this salad.

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  • Sometimes there are too many great seafood recipes out there that choosing one is difficult. We love that your menu specials change according to the daily catch and the season. The salmon was a good choice, especially considering how filling it can be.

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