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sarah holding spanish mackerel
We’ve been singing praises of the mackerel family for years. Atlantic, Spanish,King and Wahoo are some of our all time favorites. I’m happy to say that more customers at our market have been giving these fuller flavored fish a try, including Michigan Daily reviewer, Lila Kalick, who tried a fillet of Spanish Mackerel with our San Remo butter (sun-dried tomatoes, herbs white wine and Parmesan) for lunch, loved it and wrote a nice little review about our cafe.

Part of our menu includes a section where you can pick a fish straight from the display, choose a sauce or rub, a side and we prepare it for ya. When folks ask for a suggestion, I often push flavorful fish like mackerel because it’s probably something that they haven’t tried. It’s so satisfying to see the happy faces out there just loving that robust and healthful fish. We’d like to have you come in for our Monahan’s Mackerel Challenge…try the mackerel prepared at the market for lunch, and if you don’t love it, you don’t have to pay for it.

Today’s recipe uses Atlantic mackerel but Spanish or King would work well too

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