New England Swordfish- THE Fish of the Moment!

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We are now in the thick of the finest, richest swordfish of the year! If you were to have one swordfish meal a year, now would be prime time.

Why? Because the Atlantic Swordfish stocks have moved north to New England’s colder water from warmer southern waters where they spawn in the winter. They are feeding heavily, fattening up for their winter migration and they are plentiful, closer to shore and easier to catch. Not only are these fish at their fattest and most moist, juicy and delicious, but they are fresher because the fishing trips are shorter—New England swordfishing trips to the Georges Bank and beyond can be long (3-4 weeks or longer). When local swordfish supplies are tight, they’ll import from all over the world. However, right now the migrating fish are plentiful and close to shore so the fishermen can fill their holds and get those beauties to market much faster.

You can also now enjoy eating swordfish knowing the stocks have now been rebuilt. In the 80’s, swordfish populations were on the decline. The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (CCAT), the National Marine Fisheries Service and of course the sacrifice of many fishermen, have done a great job in rebuilding the stocks. Cuts in total catches and the closing of nursery areas have really helped. The North Atlantic Swordfish fishery has been restored…a FANTASTIC success story.

So enjoy the season’s finest—grilled, braised, pan-seared or stir-fried. Now is the moment!

Here’s a fantastic recipe for swordfish with olives and anchovies

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