One “Ridiculous” Sandwich: The Swordfish Club!

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Like the rich, fall bluefish that we’re loving right now, the fattest, freshest swordfish are migrating through our north Atlantic waters and they too are at their best! Glorious and guilt free, the stocks are now healthy, indulge in one of the world’s greatest fish, they are now at their tastiest and least expensive peak.

We’ve shared some fine recipes for swordfish including Francesca Gitschlag’s amazing pesca spada con olive and Wendy Williams’ grilled Greek swordfish with zucchini. Another great sword dish was brought to us from our past chef, Chewy Lebnick, the swordfish club sandwich. Fresh rich swordfish, a good bread, lettuce, nice ripe local tomatoes, onion and bacon along with roasted red pepper mayo makes for an amazing sandwich! Our good customer and friend, Leslie George, who has since moved to Abu Dhabi, loved it. We would message him on Facebook when it was our lunch special and he would always make sure to make a trip in. Leslie had one word to describe this sandwich – “ridiculous!”

Try this sandwich at home and you too will feel the same.

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