Open-face Scandinavian Maine Shrimp Sandwich

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Serves 2
3/4 lb. peeled and cooked Maine Shrimp
a coarsely chopped hard cooked egg
1 T fresh dill (chopped)
thinly sliced bread (rye is particularly good)

Boil shrimp in lightly salted water for about 2 minutes or until shrimp is barely opaque in the center. Chill shrimp in colander under cold water with ice (this stops the cooking and ensures a tender, moist shrimp). Spread a thin layer of mayo over rye bread (or cocktail rye, for appetizer). Cover lightly with chopped hard-boiled egg. Arrange shrimp on top and sprinkle with chopped dill.

Ilsa & Stig say, “Smaktgod!”

Monahan's Seafood

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