Pan Fried Sardines

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1 # sardines (cleaned whole, heads on)
course kosher salt
good olive oil (enough to coat 1/8 inch in pan)
Drake’s batter mix or seasoned flour
salt & pepper

Lightly salt sardines and let sit for 5-10 minutes.

Dust in Drake’s (Drake’s is a seasoned combination of fine corn meal and wheat flour made in Marshall, Michigan and used in many restaurants. Chefs call it Duck Dust and it gives fried foods a nice golden brown coating).

Heat olive oil over med-high heat until sizzling hot (but not smoking). Fry sardines about 3 minutes a sice or until just opaque to the bone at the thickest part. Serve with a lemon.

Sardines are “finger food” just pick em up and then fillet them off the bone with your teeth.

Larger fish like bluegill or crappie can use a thicker batter. This can be achieved by first dipping in an egg & milk wash, then either dredging or shaking in a paper bag to coat.

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