Real Men DO Eat Quiche- If It’s Finnan Haddie Quiche That Is!

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I’ve cooked lots of manly fish and shellfish dishes in my day. I’ve roasted giant whole snappers, schlepped big pots for outdoor shrimp boils, slapped 10 pound king salmon fillets on the grill, smacked salt crusted bluefish with a hammer, stuffed hundreds of clams and shucked thousands of oysters but I never even thought of making quiche.

Chris Knowles, from Foley Fish in New Bedford, Massachusetts, sold us some smoked pollack last week and mentioned they make a quiche with it that is dynamite. I’ve tried a few good recipes using finnan haddie (smoked haddock) or Foley’s delicious, and less expensive, smoked pollack. There’s nothing better for Sunday breakfast than poaching either the pollack or the haddock in milk and serving it with toast and poached eggs, then topping it with béchamel sauce (made smoked pollack
with the smoky milk). Smoked pollack also makes killer fish cakes and Indian kedgeree is pure comfort.

Ouiche? I don’t know. Satarist Bruce Feirstein says we’ve become a nation of wimps, pansies and quiche eaters in his book, Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche. Come on, it’s the new millennium! Most of us are a little more enlightened, open minded and adventurous. What’s wrong with a real man eating quiche? Or for that matter preparing it himself! I already love finnan haddie and eggs. I love the crust on a pie. I love the decadent richness of cream.

What’s not to love about quiche? I made Foley’s recipe. Great simple ingredients, easy to prepare, and DELICIOUS! In fact I made 4 of them to sell at the market! You can keep them in the fridge for several days, heat ’em up in the oven or microwave or take them cold on a picnic.

So man up guys (and gals) try a little finnan haddie quiche tonight.

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  • Used your quiche recipe substituting smoked salmon for the finnan caddie Made a very tasty brunch and then dinner entree I will use the recipe again

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