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The other day I had a very pleasant surprise! Every so often one of our suppliers, knowing what we buy and what we like, will see something come in that they know would really excite us. Nick Alfiero from Harbor Fish in Portland, Maine called and said, “I know you didn’t order these but we just got in some small local squid that were still alive and I put em in the box”. Oh yeah, Christmas in June!

Unloading our order I came upon a bag of small, shiny, gorgeous squids with big bright eyes still showing colors of ivory, blue and turquoise. There was no question about what was for dinner that night, the only question was how to prepare them. When cleaning them, I was amazed at how creamy and tender they felt. Normally we cut squid into rings or triangles so that quick cooking will keep them tender, but I knew these little guys would do just fine being kept whole.

squid ingredients
Searching around the kitchen for recipe ideas, I found everything for a nice squid dinner.
A Café Japon baguette was a great start, now a great sopping sauce was all that was needed. Ahh, Palacios Spanish chorizo in the fridge and some Spanish Mas Portell Piquillo Pimientos. Next to those beautiful wood roasted Pimientos were some Ortiz anchovies from Vizcaya in the Basque region. It was time to pour a glass of crisp Albariño, put on the flamenco music and get cooking. There also just happened to be some fresh garlic and onions that my wife had picked up at the farmer’s market. Some of the world’s greatest ingredients right here in my little kitchen and I’m ready to have some fun!

Fast, easy and absolutely delicious this dish makes a fine dinner but it would also be great served as an appetizer or tapas. Manila clams and shrimp could be added to this dish also, for an over the top touch. Enjoy!

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