Steamed Barramundi Fillet- Thai Style

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Serves 2

3/4 – 1 lb. Barramundi fillet

2 T Fish sauce nuoc mam

2 T lime juice

4 thin slices of lime

1 t brown sugar

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 T ginger, grated

1/2 t red Thai chili (serrano or jalapeño if Thai not available) finely chopped

3 T cilantro, chopped

2 scallions, sliced very thin, white section and part of green (squeeze slices into tiny rings)

Mix all ingredients in bowl except cilantro, ginger and lime slices

Rub fillet with ginger

Place fish fillet in a rimmed plate or container that will fit into a bamboo steamer in a wok, with at least 1-inch space between plate and steamer (so that steam will have room to circulate)

If you don’t have a wok or steamer, use any vessel the plate will fit into that can be covered and have the plate suspended over 3 inches of water (plate on top of an upside-down bowl will work)

Steam fish for 10 minutes per inch of thickness or until just opaque in the center

Using two spatulas, carefully transfer fillet to platter

Pour sauce over fish and garnish with lime slices and cilantro

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