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At Monahan’s we love to stuff. Seafood stuffing for appetizers or the main course can add a lot of extra flavor, interest, texture and excitement. Something as simple as stuffing avocados or endive leaves with crab or lobster salad is always a crowd pleaser. Baked scallop stuffed mushroom caps, jalapeño shrimp stuffed poppers, stuffed mussels, Caribbean crab backs or classic Rhode Island “stuffies” (stuffed clams) are all so delicious. Stuffed shrimp, lobster, whole fish or fillets make for fantastic main courses. Whether it’s rice stuffing seasoned with savory Moroccan spices, Greek style with lemon, oregano, feta and spinach, or good ole all American crab or lobster stuffing, it’s fun to experiment with all the different flavors.

Out of all the fish and shellfish that we’ve stuffed over the years shrimp stuffed squid is my all time favorite.. Perfectly designed for stuffing, squid are like a natural sausage casing just waiting to be stuffed with whatever you want.

shrimp stuffed squid
We use Rhode Island squid ‘cause they’re the best! Most imports are often dipped in preservatives and may be inexpensive but they’re tasteless at best. Monterey squid from California are sweet and tasty also but a little too small for a lot of recipes (including this stuffed recipe). The shrimp that we use are wild gulf shrimp from Texas. These shrimp have a great sweet flavor and a firm snappy texture. The stuffing for this dish is simple: shrimp, a little garlic, a little onion, a touch of breading and egg.


The flavors of the shrimp and the squid shine, complimented by the tangy tomato sauce. Serve as a main course or slice and serve with cocktail forks or toothpicks for a great appetizer.   Enjoy!

And if you love squid, you’ll love our squid t-shirt made famous by Anthony Bourdain! Artwork by yours truly.

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