Swordfish: Super Star of the Grill!

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This week’s super star for grill is Swordfish! There really is no finer fish for the grill. It’s firm and meaty, has a nice fat content so it keeps its moisture, and a great taste that holds up to flavorful rubs, marinades and sauces.

Remember just a few years ago the swordfish fishery was said to be on the brink of collapse? Well, due to solid conservation measures the stocks are on the rebound. We’ve been offering nice fat, rich, delicious “markers” (fish of at least 100 lbs.) at the market. We also use the “trim” to offer very affordable kabobs which are great on the grill with Monahan’s Teriyaki marinade (one of this week’s featured recipes). Some of  our other favorite grilled sword recipes are grilled swordfish with salmoriglio sauce, pan seared swordfish with rosemary, lemon & garlic, and good friend Francesca Giarraffa is letting us steal her Pesca Spada Con Olive.

Here’s our teriyaki marinade recipe for the kabobs. This marinade is also great with any rich flavorful fish—mackerel, kingfish, salmon, bluefish, etc. We sell this marinade and more, so see you at the Market!


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