Thai Fish Cakes: Flavor Explosion!

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Thai cuisine with all of it’s history and complexity is truly one of the world’s most amazing and delicious. Trying to attack authentic Thai cooking requires a knowledge of many ingredients, techniques and methods. We’re talking about food that had to satisfy the demanding and discerning taste of the nobility of old Siam!

Not many Thai dishes are what we westerners would call ” quick and easy.” Relishes and pastes, which are a vital component, are ground by hand one ingredient at a time with a mortar and pestle. Many of their recipes are quite challenging but there’s one that’s easy and happens to be one of my all time favorites—Thai fish cakes!

Famous street fare in Thailand, these light, fluffy little cakes are packed with flavor. Authentic cakes use a freshwater fish called Pla Grai that are unavailable here. I use cod, pollack or hake and get great results. Typically served as an appetizer with cucumber relish in Thai restaurants, I serve them as a main course with a sweet roasted red chili sauce, jasmine rice and cucumber salad.

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