The Beauty (& Simplicity) of a One-Pot dish: Bouillabaisse!

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It’s the perfect time of year to steam up your kitchens and warm up your hearts—invite the gang over and celebrate! With the addition of a fresh baguette and a green salad, bouillabaisse is the perfect dish to share among friends. And it’s fun (and EASY) to prepare, especially with a little help from Monahan’s!


Time Savings & Simplicity…
Traditionally, the only time-consuming part of this recipe is making the actual tomato-based stock. We’ve included the recipe for that in our recipe archive, but you may want to try Chef Bernie’s wonderful Bouillabaisse-base, which we stock in our freezer at the market. He’s already done all the work for you—and the result is a delicate, garlic-y, tomato broth scented with saffron, orange and fennel. Just heat it up and add your fish and shellfish—an elegant dinner will be served in a matter of minutes!

Bernie makes both the bouillabaisse-base as well as our delicious homemade fish stock weekly, fresh from the bones and heads of the fish we fillet at the market every day. (We’re also happy to take orders for fish bones and heads if you want to make your own stock, but best to call ahead to check availability).

Ideas for Cost Savings…
Bouillabaisse is a pretty flexible dish to make, and it can either be brimming with shellfish (scallops, lobsters, shrimp, clams, mussels and fish,) or you can keep it simple with just a few items. If you decide to go for the deluxe version with a lot of ingredients and variety, try asking all your friends to bring an ingredient (we’ve done this with Paella parties too). Not only does it invest everyone into coming together over a great meal, it brings a particular camaraderie to the proceedings, as each guest shows up with their offerings.

Serve with a green salad, toasted slices of baguette and aioli.

Click here for our version of the wonderful catch of the day stew from Marseille.


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