The Return Of Finnan Haddie: The Real Deal Is Back!

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Direct from Stonington Seafood on Deer Isle, Maine, smoke master Richard Penfold is smoking the finest finnan haddie we’ve ever offered. Finnan haddie is lightly brined and smoked haddock. It is said to have originated near Findon, Scotland in the 1600s and has been a delicacy, often served for breakfast, ever since.








Richard learned his trade while working in Shetland, Scotland in the 80s from old masters who were still using an old Torry kiln to smoke kippers and finnan haddie. The Torry kiln was the first mechanized kiln ever built. The first one was produced at the Torry research center in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1939. Richard shipped an exact replica of the kiln to Stonington in 2001. He brines then smokes his haddock over white hickory in the traditional Scottish style. He even uses an antique brass brinometer to ensure a perfect salt content. The balance of salt and smoke with the sweet flaky haddock is perfect.

Today’s recipe is, to me, the ultimate breakfast: finnan haddie and poached eggs with smoky béchamel sauce. There are lots of great recipes for finnan haddie that would make a great lunch or dinner too. The famous Scottish soup, Cullen Skink, made with onions, milk and finnan haddie is one we’ve got to make soon (now that we have an amazing finnan haddie). Creamed finnan haddie on toast, fish pie or the fantastic Indian/ English dish, Kedgeree, a rice curry dish, is one we’ve already posted.

Fish for breakfast? Oh yeah. Plan on it this weekend, you’ll be glad you did!

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2 Responses to “The Return Of Finnan Haddie: The Real Deal Is Back!

  • I loved reading your page. My family has had finnan haddie for Christmas breakfast for over a hundred years. All of our special memories of Christmas mornings include (as my girls say) that stinky fish!! Living in Idaho makes getting the fish hard. When I was a child my dad would go to Salt Lake City just to get it. Little over 200 miles south and 55mph speed made for a very long day😳.

    I am writing this missive to ask if you sell the fish or if you can recommend someone. I’ve gone on amazon but would rather know a little about who I’m working with.

    Thanks for posting your message.
    Respectfully, Debi

  • mm
    Monahan's Seafood
    6 years ago

    Hi Debi,
    Thanks for sharing your great story! We do sell finnan haddie that we get from Stonington Seafood. Give the market a call and ask for Mike to get more info. 734-662-5118

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