The Very Cool Maine Mussel Salad

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Did you know mussels are one of the most healthful, economical, delicious and versatile foods to grace our case? Well, they are! Simple, steamed with shallots, garlic, wine & parsley; stuffed with pancetta and parmesan; mussels in a soup, stew or paella; coconut curry mussels; in a marinara or with chorizo, you can do so much with them!

Over the years we have sampled and offered mussels from many sources. Everything from wild mussels covered with barnacles and beards, to the clean farm raised mussels that we sell today. The largest North American supplier by far is Prince Edward Island (80% of the market). We’ve also offered Mediterranean mussels, green lipped from New Zealand, Penn Cove from the Puget Sound and big plump beauties from Maine.

Prince Edward Island mussels have been our mainstay mussels in recent years because they are a good, consistent, medium size and they are usually firm, sweet and full. This time of year when we want to make cold mussel salads I like to bring in the larger mussels from Maine. Bangs Island mussels of Casco Bay and Acadia Aqua Farms of Bar Harbor both offer excellent plump, good-sized mussels.

Right now we’re thinking about quick meals so we can get outdoors. Try this marvelous mussel salad with a simple vinaigrette– lots of fresh herbs, roasted red peppers and a few thin slices of Ortiz anchovies. Serve as an appetizer or over greens with a baguette for lunch or a light supper. Perfect, portable, picnic fare!

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