The Wagyu Beef of the Sea: Norwegian Fjord Ocean Trout

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From the pristine fjords of Norway, ocean trout has become a hit at our market. Fjord trout is raised on sustainable and regulated feed (which is important because of the possible over harvesting of feed fish to support the fast growing fish farming industry).

norwegian trout fillet

We’ve always prided ourselves at Monahan’s for offering a selection of the freshest wild caught fish available and it’s not often that we get excited about most farm-raised fish. When we sampled the bright, shiny, well-marbled fillets, all the mongers were pleasantly surprised. With a silky texture, the delicate flavor of a trout combined with a hint of salmon, this fish melts in your mouth. So far we’ve tried grilling (try it with our Swedish mustard dill sauce), pan seared (with grenobloise sauce), simply baked and now a crudo dish similar to what we in enjoyed in Sicily. Chefs all over the world are serving fjord trout in crudo and sashimi dishes, in fact the biggest buyer is Japan and they know a little about raw fish.

We prepared the ocean trout crudo last night and decided to spice it up with finely chopped jalapeños and garnish it with some salmon roe (Ikura). Good golly it was a beauty! And delicious too. Enjoy

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