The Wanderer has Returned! Skrei Cod is Gracing Our Cases

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Skrei cod is back! Some of the world’s finest cod are being caught off the coast of Norway after a long migration from the Barents Sea. Skrei (pronounced skray in Norway) means “the wanderer” in Norse. Also known as “the Norwegian miracle”, they are truly special.
skrei codOut of the 400 million migrating cod from the Barents Sea, only 10% will meet the strict criteria that the Norwegian government allows to be labeled Skrei. They must be in pristine condition with no bruising or any imperfections and be a minimum of five years old. They also must get to market within 12 hours. When we have the privilege to see a wild caught fish as near to perfection as these beauties, the mongers get more than a little exited. These fish are larger than our Georges Bank or Gulf of Maine fish and have beautiful white flesh with a firm large flake and a clean delicate flavor.

The season runs from January to April but harsh weather can mean that we only see Skrei for a very short time. Every fish we receive has the skrei tag on the collar. The one unfortunate thing about them is they arrive without the heads. The Norwegians are kind enough to share the fish but they want to keep the tongues, roe, liver, jaw, cheeks and stomachs for themselves. I’ll work at procuring these delicacies for ya but until then come and enjoy “the Norwegian miracle” while you can.

Here’s a simple recipe: Cod en Papillote

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