Wonderful Walleye: Prized around the world!

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Walleye is the largest member of the perch family with an average size of 1–4 lbs. The hook and line world-record was a 41 inch 25 lb fish caught i 1960 in Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee, but we usually don’t see them so big.

The walleye isn’t the prettiest of freshwater fish—green and yellow with those weird cloudy eyes. Their big opaque, dull eyes are due to a light reflecting layer called a “tapetun lucidum” that helps with nightime vision. However, for what this fish lacks in beauty it more than makes up for it in flavor. Walleye is truly one of the finest food fish in the world. Its close cousin, the Zander (or Pike Perch) is loved over most of Europe. Its firm, white, delicate sweetness is extremely flavorful and versatile…walleye can be prepared in almost any method. Our favorites are a simple sauté pan fry, bake or steam (our Chinese customers love this fish because its sweetness and firm texture are perfect for steaming the whole fish). We also coat fillets with nuts or seasoned bread crumbs for pan frying or baking.

Walleye was my dad’s all-time favorite fish. He loved them just simply broiled with olive oil, salt and pepper.

We are fortunate to be so close to the world’s largest walleye fishery: Lake Erie! If we are lucky enough to have a mild winter, we will see walleye year-round. However, when the winters are rough Canadian walleye are usually around. They fish for them through the ice up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

There was about a month this summer when brutal heat closed fishing down, but we’re now seeing walleye again and plan to have them in for your dining enjoyment this weekend. You would think that such a plentiful fish would be inexpensive (I WISH!) Because of the huge demand, this fish is not cheap and has always been at the higher end of the scale…ever notice the price of walleye at fancier restaurants? Whoa!

However, despite the expense, we offer you the finest freshwater fish you’ll ever taste. And here’s a couple great recipes.

Almond-Cracker Walleye

Steamed Whole Walleye

p.s. We sell the almond cracker coating to save you a little time. Enjoy!

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