A ”Cure” For A Long, Cold Winter!

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One of the greatest appetizer ideas of all time has been around for a long, long time. Scandinavian fishermen in the middle ages would bury salted salmon in the sand above the tide line and let it ferment. They called it “Gravlax”. Grav means grave and lax is salmon. Today’s version isn’t fermented; it is cured in salt with sugar and dill.


Gravlax has just a few ingredients and is easy to make at home. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can be such a gorgeous and elegant crowd pleaser. Sliced thinly and served on cocktail rye or pumpernickel with a small dollop of Swedish mustard dill sauce, it is pure eye candy. The presentation is a work of art that your guests will feel no guilt in destroying! This dish does require a little planning ahead; it takes 3 days to cure.

We use sashimi grade, farm raised north Atlantic salmon because it has such a fatty, buttery texture. 

Gravlax should keep for about a week in the fridge. Our recipe calls for 2 lb. salmon fillet for 12 servings. Adjust up or down, as you need. Figure about 2-3 oz. per person of raw weight for an appetizer portion.

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