Ahhhh Spring! It’s Copper River Salmon Time!

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The best, fattest, most flavorful and healthful salmon of the year are running again! Nature’s amazing, perfect fish are here, fresh from Alaska’s Copper River. The only river that’s ever given us fish this rich were from the Yukon River but that has only been available once in our 35 year history (due to strict regulations).

We bring in both sockeye and the regal king salmon during this exciting season opening. The kings are starting out a bit slowly so far but we’ve received sockeyes twice now and they have been, as usual, gorgeous! Last night we grilled some topped with a fresh mint pesto and we were in heaven. I was making tacos using the crispy skin with the pesto and I can tell you, there is nothing better on earth (or better for you)! Click here for recipe.

Fresh mint is popping up all over my neighborhood, and probably yours too. You should go out, yank a hank, and make up some fresh springtime pesto! It’s so simple to make and it went perfectly with the grilled sockeye. We used the leftover pesto the next night on grilled lamb chops- ooooeee!

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, kick off the summer with the best, fresh from Alaska!

Read Mike’s previous blog post about the history of these regal fish and why they are so special.

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