Another Great Holiday Appetizer: Salmon Carpaccio

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salmon carpaccioBack in the renaissance days there was a painter named Vittore Carpaccio who was famous for using a lot of bold, red hues in his paintings. The Italian raw beef dish, Carpaccio, must have derived its name from the splash of red on the plate.

Nowadays the recipe can be made using fish instead of beef. Fresh sashimi grade tuna even has a more vivid red color than beef.

The gorgeous bright orange color of fresh salmon looks and tastes great in Carpaccio and that’s today’s featured recipe.

One of our suppliers, Nick Alfiero from Harbor Fish in Maine, was kind enough to share this recipe with us. It’s an easy and super elegant appetizer for the holidays. We tried a version served with our Swedish mustard dill sauce and another with a dab of salmon caviar. All great!

Serve, as pictured, on a white platter, garnished with dill sprig, capers and lemon wedges, or on individual thin slices of brown bread.

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