Anthony Bourdain Was in the House!

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You may have heard we had a visitor this week–Tony Bourdain!

He has a new book coming out called Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook. Release date is June 2010 from Harper Collins.

We were honored (along with Sparrow Meats, TR Durham Tracklements and a few other folks at Kerrytown) to have a chance to visit with Tony and talk about our philosophy on seafood and sourcing.

Tony enjoyed several oysters and a HUGE pile of smelt in the Kerrytown Courtyard on a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon, while hordes of people on lunch hour skulked around with camera phones, twitter accounts and a lot of enthusiasm. See more photos here.


Anthony Bourdain & Mike Monahan at Monahan’s Seafood Market

Anthony Bourdain in Kerrytown courtyard

Bourdain enjoying a plate of our fried lake smelt in the Kerrytown courtyard

Anthony Bourdain wearing Monahan's squid t-shirt

Anthony Bourdain wearing Monahan’s squid t-shirt

Monahan's Seafood

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