Grilled Orata with Fennel

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Orata (aka Gilthead Porgy or Daurad) is a type of seabream—fatter and meatier than an east coast porgy with richer, dense flesh. This is a fish that can be baked, roasted, steamed…but is particularly perfect for the grill since the individual size is great for one serving (usually the fish are less than 1 lb. each), so it’s a great way to present a whole fish. We especially love this dish with fresh fennel.

10-12 oz. orata per person (gilled, scaled and gutted). Substitute bronzino or porgy
1 fennel bulb sliced (with fronds reserved)
fresh garlic (2 crushed cloves per fish)
thin slices of lemon
extra virgin olive oil

Slice fennel bulb, then soften by cooking in extra virgin olive oil (and maybe a bit of water) for about 5 minutes. Cool slightly.

Score the skin of the fish about 2 inch apart, cutting just slightly into the flesh. Then stuff fish cavities with slices of lemon, the softened fennel, chopped garlic, salt & pepper, brush the fish with olive oil and lay on some of the fronds of fennel (each side) Tie with butcher twine to secure each fish.

Place each fish on a HOT, oiled grill. Cook each side of the fish for about 5minutes. The fennel fronds may burn up a bit, but it gives the fish wonderful flavor (while protecting from the direct heat of the grill). Remove fish to a plate and rest for a few minutes before cutting off the twine and serving on individual plates.

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