Gone Fishin’!

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Well, another week and I’m copping out on the fish report. I’ve been spending time with the family north of Toronto at my in-laws cottage on gorgeous Muldrew Lake (founded by my mother in law, Susan’s, grandfather). Muldrew is one of many lakes in the Muskoka region that were formed by glaciers and are lined with granite cliffs. Mississauga rattlesnakes, skinks, osprey, loons, porcupines, raccoons and bears are just a few of the creatures that surround us.









My favorite pastime on Muldrew as you might have guessed is fishing! Every year we catch lots of pan fish (perch being the favorite), occasional pike and a lunker bass or two. Everyone’s catching fish! This year my daughter, Kimmy, and I landed a hog of a largemouth that was at least a five pounder. It was such a beast it almost yanked the rod out of my hands!

I’ve got to get back to paradise now. I’ll catch up with ya next week.

Here’s a link to a past fishing article.

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