It’s Autumn; We’ve Got the Blues and We’re Happy!

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Billy with bluefish

It’s that time again! Time for the freshest, most plentiful, rich, delicious and best priced bluefish of the year. Why, you ask, are these fish so great right now and such good value? Well, fall is the time of year when the bluefish are thick in New England. They’re big and fattening up to prepare to move offshore and start to migrate south. There are a lot of them getting to market fast, they’re plentiful and the price is right!

Bluefish loses its freshness super fast. Many folks have had bad experiences with less than fresh bluefish. Fish that’s filleted out east and shipped in pre-cut usually has long lost its goodness. We bring in whole fresh bluefish and fillet them as needed for the freshest fish available in these parts. This site is full of information and recipes for this delicious, voracious savage.

Here are a couple tasty preparations: Pan-Seared Bluefish with Bernie’s Romesco Sauce & Roasted Bluefish with Tomato + Dill


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  • Dianne Patterson
    10 years ago

    Hey Mike, your shoulder looks great and so does the bluefish. All good!

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