Let’s Talk Turkey- Pure Leftover Umami!

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Yes, I know you’re all as stuffed as yesterday’s big bird and probably aren’t all that interested in reading about food, much less cooking anything. What about all that leftover turkey?

udon soup ingredients
I love a cold turkey sandwich salted and smothered in mayo as much as the next guy but what could we do with leftover turkey and seafood?
The first thing that came to mind was paella. Shrimp, lobster, mussels, clams and often- chicken. Chicken? Why not turkey? Well for one thing the cooked turkey would really dry out in a paella (it’s dry enough as it is). So how about a dish that would add moisture, be easy, delicious and different?

A simple, after the feast, one pot dish. How about a hot comforting udon noodle soup with big chunks of turkey, clams and shrimp?

Nabeyaki udon soup has always been one of my favorite cold weather dishes. Fat, chewy udon noodles in a steamy dashi broth with shrimp, chicken, clams, shitake mushrooms, a raw egg on top and spiced up with a sprinkle of nanami togarashi- a delicious explosion of umami warming your being from the inside out! The turkey leftovers in place of the chicken worked just great in this dish. Instead of shrimp tempura I used gulf shrimp simmered in the broth. If you can’t find manila clams use pre steamed littlenecks and put them in at the last minute.

Here’s the recipe: Shrimp, Clam and Turkey Udon Soup

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